Kāpiti Coast

When your car needs a WOF, the trains aren’t operating over Easter weekend but you still wanna ride, you aren’t left with many options. Weather was looking perfect so we rented e-bikes from local rental company, Switched On Bikes, and hit the highway!


E-Bikes: Moustache Samedi 27 X-Road 1 and Merida eSpresso Tour 600 EQ.

Accessories: bags, lock, spare tubes and pump, chargers (more on this later).

Day 1: (See hyperlink to my Strava activity)

Wellington Harbour to Hutt Rd, up Ngauranga Gorge, exit through Johnsonville down to Tawa (beautiful downhill), then up to Porirua.
Visited the North City Shopping Centre Good Friday Criterium!
Through Porirua to SH58, around Porirua Harbour.
Up and over Paekakariki Hill Rd.
Down to Paekakariki through to Queen Elizabeth Park to Raumati/Paraparaumu.

How much battery was used: My Merida was at 36% battery remaining when we arrived. Greg’s Samedi had 1 bar *roughly 20%*. Still juice in the tank and legs feeling like they could keep on going.

Points of note: We forgot to pack the charger to my bike! WHAT?! It was in a different bike bag that was left behind at Switched On! Don’t do that. Big ups to Ryan at Switched On for bringing it up the next day. We also both experienced slight saddle sore from rentals. Be sure to test ride the bike before you dip and run through the gears, brakes, seat height, etc.

Thankfully, there was only one really bad driver who practically ran Greg off the road and made him very cross. But there were also many happy drivers on the off-road paths in QE Park. 2 roadies said hi or waved during the trip.

Best e-moment: Not arriving extremely tired and seeing parts of the coast we normally wouldn’t.

Day 2: You could call this a rest off. We visited the Tuatara brewery and the Paraparaumu Beach market when it wasn’t raining.


Day 3: The Long Way to Coffee. Hard to find places open on Easter Sunday.

Through Valley Road in Paraparaumu and uphill to Campbell Mill Trail. Back to the closed Waterfall Road then Paekakariki for proper coffee. Back through Queen Elizabeth Park, specifically Yankee trail to Inland trail (fun off-road!).

Hardly any battery used. We really enjoyed going up and over a hill and cruising downhill quickly. Heavy bikes sure fly!


Day 4: Is it Strava-able if it’s on an e-bike?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go up and over from the Kāpiti Coast to Upper Hutt, this was that ride. I was very curious and wouldn’t have done it otherwise. It’s mostly made up of small, single lane windy roads and a LONG uphill Akatarawa Rd.

Staglands (this bizarre reserve that seems like a theme park) was our only coffee stop. Definitely stop to see some beautiful peacocks. After that, it felt like we didn’t stop or leave the saddle until Petone. We knew there wasn’t much left after our midway stop so we boosted it through the Upper Hutt Trail along the river. It’s a beautiful trail with shared paths (more on that later) and a tailwind that pushed us all the way home.

Battery used: 87km and still 20% left. I wished I used up more battery during certain hills but overall, I’m happy with how I used my juice. We ran into many instances where the 25km limit slowed us down (tailwinds are great and all but damn!). We also didn’t want to do the SH1 portion back to Wellington but 10km didn’t feel awful on an e-bike.

Best e-moment: Well earned burgers and beers that evening. Catarina’s longest ride evar!

Happy chappy’s after making it to the top.